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Chef Cynthia Madden 
circa 2017

A letter From Chef

Dear Mama,

Hi! My name is Cynthia Madden. I'm a former corporate accountant turned CIA Chef Alum with an affinity for nutritional and medicinal food-related remedies. While I'm not distracted from keeping up with my kids' schedules, I enjoy sneaking in quality time with my husband of 14 years (known nearly 20 years)  and chasing after my crazy copper haired doggy-child.  It's no secret I have a passion for food, but my intrigue lays within foods medicinal uses and the global food practices surrounding this philosophy. Inspired by my own postpartum healing journey and the plight of working-motherhood, I was guided to creating my current venture, Apex Kitchen Rx, a platform focused on postpartum wellness and maternal healing. I'm beyond grateful to be here, sharing my knowledge and experiences with you. Know that I and many others have been where you are; you are not alone. There's a village of support waiting for you.

With Love,

Chef Madden

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