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An In-Depth Look into My Postpartum Experience and the Birth of Apex Kitchen Rx

Updated: Apr 15

As with every life experience, this is a personal one. I found it difficult to put it down on paper, let alone out into the world via a blog. But I find viability in shared experiences. A glimpse into the window of humanity when we can be vulnerable with each other. It allows our compassion and empathy a chance to be exercised in a space created for healing. So I give to you my postpartum life and how I chose to take hold over the reigns of my recovery, leading me here, to Apex Kitchen Rx and thus leading me to you.

I was 25 years old when my daughter was born in 2010. Shortly after her birth, I became aware that the needs of my child, my health, my career and my marriage weren't aligned with each other. The anxiety/depression that had developed in early adolescence began rearing its ugly head. The negative self-talk increased, focusing on all the things I couldn't do right as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sibling, a friend and an employee. My hormones, like my moods, seemed to rapidly decline, resulting in an uphill battle to regain stability over a dysregulated system. The mental and emotional struggles were highlighted further in the physical challenges that followed the birth of my son two years later.

The postpartum affects of my sons birth resulted in extreme fatigue, weekly migraines, pain/swelling in my joints, coldness/numbing in my extremities, insomnia, and anxiety attacks that manifested into severe chest pains. At the age of 28, I found myself at the cardiologist having a stress test performed and wearing a 24 hour heart monitor which ultimately provided inconclusive results - all during a fiscal year-end close (a very busy time for accountants). After seeking the expertise of doctors and specialists in rheumatology, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disease with an unknown cause. My only option for relief was a prescribed medication in which the side effects would create further issues while masking the symptoms. Soon after my diagnosis and having declined the medication, I experienced a severe memory lapse at work - I suddenly couldn't remember who or where I was, why or how I came to be there. It took close to 2 hours to regain my memory. By this point in my journey, it was late 2014. I was 29 years old.

Fearing another bodily shutdown, I sought the help of a nutritionist instead of resorting to another round of doctors and bloodwork. For about 6 months, I spent my lunch hour visiting the nutritionist and working on the different areas of regenerating my health. Beginning with detoxing my gut, we worked on rebuilding "good" bacteria and then stabilizing and restoring the functionality of my endocrine system as it was stuck in overdrive. The changes were immediate and remarkable. My energy levels increased, my pain and swelling decreased and the anxiety became more manageable.

In continuing my efforts to increase my physical functionality and combat the mental/emotional areas, I began seeing a Reiki practitioner and incorporating mind-body practices like Pilates and Yoga. Towards the end of 2016, I made the life altering decision of leaving a stressful, unsatisfying career. I applied to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, receiving my acceptance letter two weeks before Christmas. I began attending the CIA in September of 2017, a week after my son entered Kindergarten and my daughter entered second grade.

After graduation on 2019, I focused on my home life and self-care practices. I added traditional talk therapy into the mix, and it was through talk therapy where I was able to connect the dots as to what triggered the spiral of my overall dysfunction. I began speaking with other mothers within my community, and it seemed like a pattern I couldn't ignore - the catalyst of their health issues began after childbirth.

Since making the connection, I have been constructing the building blocks for Apex Kitchen Rx. I've researched Ayurvedic, TCM and Western herbalist practices. I'm well versed in veganism, vegetarianism, GAPS, Keto, Paleo, FODMAP, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern diets and their overall effects on the body over a long-term basis. I've attended trainings and seminars in child nutrition, and global curanderismo practices. I've also analyzed pre- and postnatal cultural practices and belief systems associated with the treatment of new mothers around the world, including methods of breast feeding and lactation production. To ground myself in this knowledge, I'm a graduate of Maranda Bower's Postpartum University (

As a result of some pretty intense book-worming, I've become educated in the nutritional synergy necessary to promote healing in new mothers. I've learned how to revitalize and maintain the health of veteran mothers, like myself, who need the extra support in balancing their health and lifestyle. The foods prepared by Apex Kitchen Rx reflects this knowledge, utilizing fresh, wholesome foods, herbs and spices in a cohesive fusion made with maternal care.

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28. lokak. 2023

Powerful. Beautiful and so needed. Thank you for for making the time to share your experience. This article shall help enlighten, and possibly empower, many who have suffered, and who are suffering from a myriad of postpartum difficulties. Too often, these challenges are dismissed by contemporary society, and mothers are left to suffer alone, or told to, "Get over it! You're not the only one who has ever had a baby."

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