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Children's Cooking Class

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Apex KitcHEn Rx

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In the intricate process of maintaining overall well-being — encompassing mind, body, and spirit — cooking plays a vital role in nurturing families through every life stage. With time being a precious commodity and priorities frequently shifting, achieving this balance can be challenging.

Providing educational cooking classes and therapeutic workshops, spanning from early childhood to college years, we're dedicated to not only teaching essential culinary skills but also fostering emotional well-being and stress relief through the therapeutic act of cooking. With support from local therapists and health professionals, our offerings aim to empower individuals to manage their mental health while mastering the art of cooking.

We understand that your time and energy are limited. Let us assist you in navigating the complexities of family life, ensuring that each member thrives. 


"Thank you for trusting us in providing support through your journey" - Chef Cynthia

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A Letter from
tHE CHef

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To All The Mothers,

Welcome! My name is Cynthia Madden. I'm a former corporate accountant turned CIA Chef Alum with an affinity for nutritional and medicinal food remedies. Inspired by my own postpartum healing journey, the plight of working-motherhood and educating future culinarians at my Alma Mater, I was guided to create Apex Kitchen Rx, a platform focused on holistic wellness and family healing with food at its core. I'm beyond grateful to be here, sharing my knowledge and experiences with you. Know that I and many others have been where you are; you are not alone. There's a village of support waiting for you.

With Love,

Cynthia Madden



postpartum Meal packages

Apex Kitchen Rx offers 3 types of weekly postpartum meal subscriptions. This includes 2 Day, 3 Day & 5 Day packages as well as additional snacks and drinks to compliment your chosen package.

We strive to provide products with sustainability in mind. The Kitchen only uses USDA Certified Organic, Free Trade Certified, Non-BE, Free Range and 100% Grass Fed products. 

Best Value

Package 1



Every week

Includes Meals for 2 Days

Valid until canceled




Culinar Workshops

Cooking workshops

Apex Kitchen is pleased to be offering a wide range of cooking workshops for the whole family. From Junior Chefs Classes, to Mommy & Me Cooking Series, Home-School Cooking Classes and Life Skills - Cooking Classes, designed for the neurodivergent community, we've got the whole family covered.

We are also pleased to be partnering with a local therapist, Debora Santora LCSW, to offer a Life Skills Workshop for special needs teens and adults, merging the therapeutic benefits of cooking while helping to provide them with practical knowledge for independent living. Learn more here.

Fruit and Granola
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